Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Revisited

May was a great month and a crummy month!

* May 4th I hit 100 lbs. lost....I did not lose anything more the rest of the month.

* I started and quit a job.

*Struggled to control my love for sugar...several occasions of eating some candy while living a sugar free lifestyle. Like a non-smoker just randomly going and getting a pack of cigarettes and smoking every.single.one!!!

*Strayed from my flawless exercise routine...and now struggle to get my ass back there!

JUNE - will be much better, because I CHOOSE for it to me. No more of this floundering crap!


  1. You'll find your way back. Learn from it. What can you do better to avoid that path in the future? Wooot! On the 100 lbs gone thing.


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