Monday, May 17, 2010


Yup, that is exactly what I'm doing.
My brain is on overload, life is messy and I feel out of control...not my food or exercie.. just my mind and life.
I took a part time job, started last week - hate it, don't need it, but feel bad to quit. Like a failure.

My Dr has been messing with my meds. She changed me to something new (after 4yrs) I thought it was ok - my family informed me it was NOT. So she changed me again and it's not getting better...ugh!

I made a huge mistake on some bills...thought the due date was the 19th, turns out it was the 16th. 21 months later I get a notice that we owe $747.00 in late fees...REALLY? WTF? Make me even feel worse for wanting to quit the dam'd job, like I should hold out until I personally earn the $747...since it was MY fault.

Oh the list goes on...


  1. What's done is finished. Start with today's problems and forget about yesterdays. Today you owe 747.00 regardless of how it happened. Work long enough make the money to pay the bill and QUIT.Life is too precious to spend it working at job you do not like for the wrong reasons. Best wishes and my peace be with you. Namaste

  2. Well, She woke up Fat, summed it up nicely.
    Try not to wallow ... it will do nothing to solve this for you.
    Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass ...

    I hope you can get the meds thing straightened out so that you feel better. Nothing like being off-kilter to make everything look insurmountable.
    Good luck!

  3. Well that really stinks! I once lost $400 dollars at a grocery store-this during a time when we were borrowing food & gas money just to survive! The money was in an envelope marked "bills." The APS in Yuma, AZ (ComEd here) is horrendous! The temp will hit over 110 degrees and it is a very dry heat (think head inside an oven!). That's what the money was for. Oh I cried! I felt just horrid, so stupid. The thing I remember most from that whole incident is that my husband never blamed me! He never threw it in my face-not once.

    I hope things get better soon :)

  4. Hope things are looking up for you.


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