Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Summer is kids are out of school.
Eating is still pretty good. Most days are spent at the local water park or Six Flags.
I'm not obsessing about the gym or water aerobics...I'm getting alot of daily exercise.
My only goal for summer is to maintain...and not gain.
I will get busy again in August and shed the last 30lbs.
Time is short...I'm enjoying my kids for the next 6 weeks!


  1. well you look great and you all just enjoy the 6 does go by fast..have fun ..kelli

  2. Hi. I don't follow your blog per se, but I do check in here once in a while because it's listed in my favorites.

    I have to say that I remember reading this post back in June about you just wanting to maintain over the summer and thinking how I can't afford to do that.

    Well, I've pretty much done that because we've also kept busy with our kids, me taking two trips to visit family who has cancer and just enjoying summer days. I've stayed a little active, and really have enjoyed the summer.

    The guilt of not losing during summer threatens to take over my thoughts lately as I realize summer break is coming to an end, but I don't regret the time with my family and I've been making some serious food changes along with my maintenance.

    Anyway, I wish I could say I lost 100 pounds and then maintained over summer, instead I've lost 30 and maintained. And I really am saying all this to say thank you to you for sharing that you were okay with enjoying summer with your children and will get back to weight loss when they go back in school.

    Your comment, "Time is short..I'm enjoying my kids..." is exactly how I feel and I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one.

    Also, I read about your depression and having to be brought low to deal with it. I can relate and am glad that you seem to be finding the upside to that situation.

    Thanks again for sharing your success and keeping up on the blog. I'm very inspired by your story.

  3. I thank you VERY much Leah! you words mean alot to me. I'm so thankful to inspire you as others have inspired me.


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