Friday, January 8, 2010

Perfect 10 update #1

Ok - for my first perfect 10 update:

1. Continue loosing minimum 5lbs. per month - UNDER WAY

2. To be a better blogger - post at least 3x's a week - DID GREAT!
3. Measure inches once a month - DONE

4. Do weights 3 days a week - DONE

5. Continue Daily Food Journal - DONE

6. Start scuba diving again - told my husband I would go for sure this spring!

7. Run at least 3 - 5K's in 2010 - Signed up for the Cowtown Run for 2/27

8. Go to an amusement park with my family - and RIDE the rides!

9. Go to a water park with my family - and WEAR a swimsuit (no t-shirts on top)

10. Complete the entire 9week "Couch to 5K" program - ran all 3 sessions this week



2mile run - 5am
2 water aerobic classes - 1hr. 40mins.
Had a productive day, got my workout done and made up my missed run from yesterdays icy weather conditions. Spending this evening on cleaning out my closet and pitching out old clothes i can't wear anymore. (WooHoo!) Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Random Fact #2
I am hung up on the number 2. I like everything in even numbers. When I eat I take a bite on the left and then a bite on the right. The TV volume must be on a even number level. Drives my family crazy sometimes (but my teen daughter is just like me-haha!)


  1. That is an interesting random fact. Don't we all have some strange obsession like that? I know I do.

    Great week Angie!

  2. Sounds like you are on track with the perfect 10 challenge! Good for you!


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