Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy L.I.F.E.

It was a good weekend, we went out to eat a couple times (I resisted but got over-rulled). I hate going out to eat..I manage it just fine, but it's just not the food I want.

The entire family made it to the gym Sunday morning - that was great as we don't get to do that much with everyones crazy schedules.

Sunday Workout:
2miles on treadmill
45 mins. of weights


Today was back to business. Food was good. Had to pickup my nephew from daycare, which always throws off our eating times, but life goes one. I'm keeping it short and sweet!

Monday Workout:
2 water aerobic classes 1hr 40mins.


  1. Neat that your family went with you to the gym! That makes it more fun. My husband goes with me. We go at 5AM! His support is awesome - if either of us are aiming for the snooze button, usually the other will deflect it. This AM I am out of town - it was tough to get up and go to the workout room by myself, but I did! I love that you do water aerobics - I wish we had that option at the gym! An hour and 40 minutes - WOW!

  2. You're doing so great. Keep it up.

    My allergies usually keep me eating at home. It is hard to get anything without vinegar or wine or citrus in it. Then there's the list of things I won't eat. It' a nightmare. Lol


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