Thursday, January 7, 2010


Woke up at my routine 5am to go workout at my new & awesome 24hr hour gym, only to be contacted my sweet hubby that the roads were a solid sheet of ice and to not dare venture out. We were one of the many areas under the winter storm warning this week and it began raining overnight to compound the problem. So I waited up for him to arrive home from work and enjoyed a cup of coffee and returned back to bed.

I hate days when my workout plans get messed up . I sit around thinking about it all day. Today was my running day. I love running on that awesome new Woodway Treadmill at the gym. I can't run in the house. Dang. I'm kinda OCD you might say...LOL!

Eating was good. Stayed on track calorie-wise, I'm pretty good at that.
Hoping now that it just stays cold overnight tonight and no more rain - so I can be a happy girl at 5am and go run tomorrow what I missed today!


  1. I hate missing my runs too.

    Hope you get it in tomorrow.

  2. In my book, weather hazards are not an excuse to skip workouts. Plenty of stuff you can do around the house - lunges, jumping jacks, planks, burpees. The ideas are endless! :D

  3. I think a back up plane was in order.
    A video work out perhaps?

  4. I hate when a work out plan fails makes me depressed all day.

  5. I am an organizer and planner so I too get frustrated when plans get messed up. Time to change the plan! New plan... work out DVD?

  6. THe roads have been super icy here too. I used the freezing temps as an excuse not to go to yoga yesterday ;) Don't want to get into a car accident!
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