Sunday, January 3, 2010

Perfect 10.... And their off!

I don't know why I have struggled with this post so much. I am excited about the challenge but have been putting off posting my goals for several days now. Got to get it together!

Perfect 10 Goals:

1. Continue loosing minimum 5lbs. per month

2. To be a better blogger - post at least 3x's a week

3. Measure inches once a month

4. Do weights 3 days a week

5. Continue Daily Food Journal

6. Start scuba diving again

7. Run at least 3 - 5K's in 2010

8. Go to an amusement park with my family - and RIDE the rides!

9. Go to a water park with my family - and WEAR a swimsuit (no t-shirts on top)

10. Complete the entire 9week "Couch to 5K" program

Random Fact about me #1:
I love to scuba dive, I've been certified for about 10years!
We stopped going when I outgrew my wetsuit about 7-8yrs ago (I claimed our busy family just didn't have time).
I WILL go diving again this SPRING/SUMMER...and plan to wear that wetsuit!


  1. The goals all look great Angie! I especially like those around the amusement park and water park. The best of luck to you - let's make it a Perfect 10!

  2. By the way, you are probably going to want to visit my blog tonight. :-)

  3. Congratulations you big winner!!!


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