Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good News?

Well, I ordered a new swimsuit for water aerobics a bit over 2 weeks ago. It was back ordered...but I was willing to wait because it was the color I wanted.

The GOOD NEWS: It finally arrived today
The BAD NEWS: it's too dam big!

I should have taken my measurements before ordering, but instead lazy me just ordered the next smallest size (because I was only buying a new one because my current one is too big). Who would have thought I'd need to go down 2 sizes!!! I should be happy...but what a pain mail order is sometimes. It will be Monday or Tuesday before the next one arrives....but in the end I'll love it I'm sure. They are the BEST swimsuits ever...with a 1yr warranty!!! My first non-H2Owear suit wore out in 6weeks!!! My current one is 12 weeks old and looks as good at day 1.

All is well here...on track eating, working out. Bumped up my weights a bit this was tolerated well the 1st day I adjusted it, so I'm gonna stick with it tomorrow. I never dreamed a day would come that I'd look forward to working out. Or that one day I'd be mad if someone was on my favorite Precor AMT!!! Life has shifted so much in the past 6 months it's almost hard to know who I was before and where I am truly headed...but I do know, I plan for the numbers on that scale to keep heading down!

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