Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot 100 - update

Hard to believe another week has come and gone! Today I had the pleasure of trying on all the pants in my closet to discover I only have 3 that fit, the rest are all WAY too big now- YEAH! I'm looking forward to nice weather this weekend and riding my new bike some more. It really gave my hamstrings a workout last week, but due to rain I only got to ride one day this week so far.
I'm still focusing on "clean eating", I've located some local resources that have great potential and my family seems a bit interested also!
1. lose 5lbs per month - lost 4lbs so far for October!!!
2. do weights at least 2 times per week - done!
3. no breads for snacks - no problem

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  1. You are doing awesome! It looks like all three goals will be accomplished this month.


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