Monday, January 17, 2011


Honesty is a big word for me this year....

I have been in a rut and have put on far too much weight. I know where it is coming from...there have been alot of emotional stresses in my world and I regressed to old bad comfortable habits.

Yesterday was a new day, I bought all my old favorites from when I was in a far better place. I am excited to resume my eating plan back when I was happier and mentally stable.

I vow to be a FAR BETTER me this year...this is no resolution, this is a lifestyle.

Most Current Photo of Me

as you can see - it's all over my face. I'm not one of those who can just send head shot & hide their gains. My face widens & my cheeks get bigger than ever. I want my thin(er) face back.


  1. Hey Angie

    I know it is a constant stuggle ..but under any face love for yourself helps the heart mend and problems deminish. Good Luck!! hope to see ya cropping this have great , fun things going on in your life..I am excited for you

  2. Good luck with your renewed resolve. Stress seems to be the name of the game for a lot of folks lately. Me, too. I find regular exercise helps me more than anything else.

    I wish you all success. :)


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