Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just an update

All is well...I'm still going strong. Kinda at a plateu on my loss...hanging at 98lbs lost and it's driving me insane. The past 3 weeks have been insane!

Week#1 my husband was on vacation, I only made it to the gym 2 days, no water aerobics because I got the tattoo.

Week#2 12yr old daughters birthday, spent the week making invitations for a party, making cupcake pops for her classmates, still now water aerobics because the new tattoo and dealing with other crazy abnormal events - such as oldest daughter had some medical issues.

Week#3 (this week)
Monday - Nascar races rained out all weekend so they ran both races monday so missed water aerobics.
Missed the gym tuesday to support a close friend in moving out her grandfather furnature and clothing from the nursing home (he passed Sunday night unexspectedly)
Wed did make water good to be back!
Thursday hit the gym long and hard - feels like I'm a newbie all over again, another dr visit for oldest daughter - this time a surgeon, yup - gonnahave to do surgery after school gets out for the summer.
Tomorrow will be long - but I will be back to water class, and be shopping for a birthday party saturday among other chores!

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  1. Wow no wonder you haven't been posting! Hope things get a little more calm for you and you are so darn close to 100! OMG!! I am so excited for you Angie!


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