Friday, May 7, 2010

Changing everyday

April was a wash for me...I didn't lose anything, but didn't gain either.
This morning I was down 1 pound - WOOHOO! but that still leaves me 1 pound from that 100 mark milestone! I'm hoping to hit it soon!

I didn't lose control in April it was just the month of non-stop birthdays. I did eat a small piece (or 2) of each of the 5 cakes. I could be blaming the cakes, but I feel that lead to the scale to stop moving. It also derailed my "sugar free" lifestyle for a few weeks - but I sent all the crap out of the house and got serious again.

I did learn that after several months of being sugar free - now eating sugar makes me ill. Seriously my stomach hurts, I feel like I'm going to throw up and every time ended up in bed feeling miserable. (I am afraid I may love misery - cause I still ate more cake the next go round)

I'm looking forward to wearing that "100 pounds lost" t-shirt no monkey business here.

Today I have a job interview. I haven't worked in over this may be a bit odd for me. It would only be part time, but I thought it would be something productive to do (other that sit on the computer most days) and the extra money could be handy too.


  1. awesome! the tee shirt idea. I am not a fan of highly processed sugars etc any more either. I get cramps and feel queasy too!

  2. Good luck on the interview!

    I can't handle sugar any more either. Makes me feel sick.


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