Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Suprise

Well as promised and mentioned Monday, I went and had some fun. My dear husband is on vacation this week and I've been wanting a new tattoo for awhile now. So as a reward of sorts, he paid for me to get this one...that is the beginning of many to come.
The plan is to eventually be a sleeve with an underwater theme. I will add a manatee, a sea turtle, sea horse, some fish and end at my wrist with coral and rocks.
This was not my first (actually was my 4th) but none are this big. I sat for 3hours for this...the others will be smaller. It was alot of fun and a get day!


  1. wow! that's fabulous... I love the look in her eye.

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  3. I have always wanted a tatoo... and now that I am past my goal weight... I want to get it... but do not know wear I want it.

    I want a sunflower and its leaves to spell my children's names. Each are 5 letters and one begins with a K and the other ends with one.

    I love your colors.

  4. I love it! I love anything ocean related so it is right up my alley - How cool of hubs to do that for you.

  5. that is wicked cool :) I cannot wait to see the additions.

  6. Pretty. I agree with Anne. And brave.


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