Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be Safe

Yesterday one of my favorite blogs was talking about how she made her own coconut butter. I thought I too would give it a try and that is where my day took a drastic turn!

I tried making several batches of it yesterday - the first failed

The second I got my finger stuck in the emulsion blender/stick blender.
Somehow while trying to clear the bottom side I accidentally pushed the button and the blade spun - right into my index finger and got hung up in the bone. LUCKLY my husband works nights and was home asleep. I woke him with quite a fright with the stick blender attached to my hand and he calmly cut the thing off my hand and was able to free my finger after about 30-40minutes. My finger is a horrible mess now, it really got chewed up and I have no feeling in it either.
So the lesson for today is ALWAYS unplug appliances before trying to do anything strange with them. I know that seems like common sense, but I have turned that blender stick over a million times and done the same thing and never had any problems before.

BE care...don't make a stupid mistake like I did. Who knew weight loss and a healthy diet could be so dangerous!?!?


  1. Poor Angie... so sorry you hurt your finger. Coconut butter sounds dangerous anyway.

  2. OH no! Glad it wasn't worse-OUCH!

    And thanks for the warning-I'm guilty of not unplugging appliances when they should be.

  3. Oh my goodness! Hope it heals okay and thanks for the tip.

  4. Oh Angie - I hate to read this! I hope your finger is going to be okay.

  5. Ah! I posted using my google account by accident! :-)

    steves=South Beach Steve

  6. Good grief lady. What a mess. Heal well and quick:)

  7. Oh wow! That horrible. Your experience is enough to keep me from trying to make butter.

    I am moving my blog. The reasons are on my current blog. Anyway, I would love to continue keeping up with you and I'd be happy to put you on my new blog roll.

  8. Ooo, coconut butter. Sounds interesting.

    I want that blender! That's a gift to myself once I pass a task. But good to know that it might chop my head off one day :)

  9. I would love to try coconut butter ... but I can't find it in the stores, and I am too afraid to try making it myself!


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