Thursday, March 4, 2010

YOU are all YOU have

I hear so many people recently, whining and complaining about their lack of success, lack of commitment, lack of effort in their diet and exercise. I really don't get it. You can not put your faith in diets, pills, potions, programs, rewards, can only put your faith in yourself. At the end of each day...that is all you have. Whether you succeed or fail - you only have one person to credit, that face looking back in the mirror.
Think of all the time and energy you could put into a great workout or a healthy meal tonight, rather than sitting around thinking "woe is me", "it was just a little cheat", "it must be water weight", " I think I hit a plateau"...

Take control of yourself & your future....stop wasting your own time and meet those goals.

You CAN do it! We all can. Day after day, making good choices, positive steps in the right direction.


  1. Total THUMBS UP! I agree. After awhile, I can't read anymore! HOWEVER, it is my choice to read or not to read:)

    I know when I write on my blog I can't worry too much about how it might offend others...I just can't or it wouldn't be my blog-y'know?

    Anyhoo-you are right:) THUMBS UP!

  2. It is all us. We choose to be powerful and our own champions or not. :)

  3. I did plateau for more than 8 weeks....but that's just how it is!
    I never stopped doing right, because I knew it was temporary.
    Good solid words.

  4. thanks everyone...this wasn't meant to call anyone out, just speaking in general terms. Must have hit too close to home for a few...I lost 2 followers - LOL!

  5. I wrote a post once where I took a "negative" whiney comment - one or two from each blog. I strung them all together. It looked like a Sh!tStorm.
    But people were supportive and helpful. Us fat people are such a wounded /special /sensitive group....
    :D Love your blog -and your style of writing!


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