Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday I took my girls to Six Flags Over Texas. I hadn't been in 10years. I grew up just a few miles from the place and went alot through my childhood. Somehow as I gained weight, I went less...walking and standing was too much trouble.

We stayed for 7hours yesterday - rode 7 rides - stood in line to get our season pass photos taken & had a picnic lunch too. It was a good day - we pack snacks and ate within my calorie/point budget and didn't spend one dime (since we bought Combo Season passes in advance for 6flags and hurricane harbor, plus the parking pass). It should be a fun summer for the girls and me. I feel kinda guilty that Chris will be working and missing the fun, but he said it was ok and will join us a few times on the weekends.

Today I went to the doctor for the results of some recent blood work. She was just gushing over me for loosing weight. I'm so close to that 100...I just can't wait! My blood work was awesome she said, my cholesterol was down to 196 (from a high of 244) she said my "bad cholesterol" LDL was at a good level 96 and my "good cholesterol" HDL was low 43 (to eat more fish - mainly salmon) to adjust it. So it looks as if all the numbers are heading in the right direction!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their spring break also...tomorrow we are off the the vet to get our new pup her shots.


  1. I had the same thing happen at the docs! Isn't it a great feeling! GO YOU!!!!

  2. Your pup is soooo cute! Sounds like you had a fun & happy time at the park:) And the contrast from the May 2009 pic-WOW! Congrats on the numbers!

  3. Ooo! I'm excited for you, Angie. Fantastic news on your health.

    Looks like fun at Six Flags. What a wonderful way to get some exercise.

  4. We had Sixflags Astroworld here in Houston and we had Season Passes every year when we were younger. But now it's gone!!


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