Monday, February 15, 2010

Glad to feel GOOD

Finally feeling back to my old self this morning. I went to my water aerobics class...It had been a week since I'd worked out. I just hate being sick.

I asked my daughter to take a couple of new pictures for me this weekend (as I am scrapbooking my weight loss journey). I am proud to announce I am 1 pound away from 90lbs lost. I am just dying to cross that 90lbs mark! It is shocking how time flies when your busy. I can remember being so proud at 20lbs. lost, 35, think of 90 or 100 was too far to stretch my mind. I have always worked off little goals. I constantly focus on making it to the next mark...not the overall goal - as it would be too overwhelming for me. I am just thrilled to have made it so far in just 9 1/2 months. I had hoped I could do 100lbs in a year...but never pressured myself with it, but as the time draws near I think it is possible to accomplish.

The other day my husband was complementing me on my hard work and success...he told me he thought I'd never do it. I guess after seeing someone try and fail for years one would just assume this was just another "Try". Most previous "diet" attempts lasted less than a week. While I was caught a bit off guard by the sheer fact he was admitting to me he never expected me to accomplish this...I can't blame him for it. Somewhere inside myself I might not have believed I could do it either in the beginning, but I sure am glad I stuck with it. The changes I've made have become a lifestyle, I have really never felt like I was dieting. That was the purpose of the journey - to make a change, to improve my health, my fitness, and my quality of life but not feel deprived. I am just ever so grateful that I have found success to this point as I know so many of my fellow bloggers have truly struggled alot.


  1. I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to celebrate when you hit 100! Keep it up, your inspiring.

  2. great pic! you look healthy and ready to go walking in your smile and sneakers. 90 is a huge number for 9 1/2 months. Glad you feel better and were able to get into the water.

  3. I did it the same as you. It worked. You are looking great. A beautiful happy smile and red is a great color on you.

  4. Hello-first timer to your blog. I read your story about the accident you were in back in 1996 - wow. You are a miracle.

    Congratulations on the 90 (soon, soon!!). I love your approach..lifelong changes.

    Looking forward to following you as you reach your goals.


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