Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugar Free

This week my main focus has been to rid the last few items in my diet of sugar. Sadly I said goodbye to my friend {decaf} Coffee on Monday. Mainly because I don't enjoy it without sweetener and secondly I don't think it add anything to my health.

Last night I made up my first batch of 5-minute a day Artisan Bread! I baked one loaf this morning and it turned out beautiful! I tried a little end with some organic peanut butter and wow was that a treat! SO GOOD! Baking my own whole wheat, sugar free bread was something I'd been wanting to start for quite some time, I'm glad I tackled it last night!

I ordered a new swimsuit this week {for my water aerobics classes}. It arrive yesterday and I tried it on..LOVE IT. My 11yr old daughter told me I looked hot..LOL - KIDS!

Hope you are all having a good weekend - enjoy - see you Monday!


  1. Would you share the bread recipe with us!? I love to make homemade bread and I love new recipes too!

  2. Yes, please share the recipe. I went sugar free and white flour free a little while back and recently have been looking for new recipes.

    I currently buy some high quality bread with no preservatives and additives from Natural Oven's Bakery, but I too would like to start making my own bread for the family.

  3. The bread sounds delish.

    I need to get a new swimsuit too. My other one is falling off of me - not a pretty site!

  4. Wow, you ordered a swimsuit! I have the HARDEST time finding ones that fit and look good on me. Where did you order yours? One summer I ordered like 8 and sent them all back in the mail! :)


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