Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Background

Thanks everyone for all the great advice and suggestions on how to recover from my hip injury and to continue running. Some may already know this, but I feel it is important to give you a bit of background on me.
In 1996 at the age of 21 I was in a REALLY bad car wreck. Both of my legs were crushed. My left femur was shattered and my right leg was broken in 7 places {including the femur also}. I was told I'd possibly never walk again. These weren't my only injuries. I fractured both wrists, my pelvis was broken in 3 places, I had a skull fracture, lost 3/4 of my right knee cap in addition to being impaled by the tilt steeling level and internal injuries.

While I have enjoyed running these past 3 months and am disappointed that my old injuries are now limiting me, I am grateful to be alive and walking and able to do as much as I can now.

My primary form of exercise is WATER AEROBICS - I do 2 classes (110minutes) three days a week. It is my first love and what got me started on this weight-loss journey in May 2009.

I started adding additional land cardio in Sept. 2009 for my off days from my water classes and eventually began weight training also. The weight training has made such a difference for me. I am so much stronger, more toned and just really look forward to hitting the gym on my weight days.

I have been interested in boxing for a couple months and may pursue that a bit instead of the running. I am still kinda brainstorming on what I will replace that goal with...but make no mistake, I am moving forward and not looking back. I am just that kind of gal. I can't be bothered or distracted by what could have been...because I know from my past, that is the beginning of my demise.


  1. There are so many things to do , you'll find the perfect fit for you!

  2. Oh my gosh!! You are so lucky to have survived.

    I did a kickboxing class and loved it, so I think the boxing thing would be great. Plus, you get rid of all kinds of stress doing it:)

  3. Wow, you are certainly lucky to be alive and you are totally right. There are so many other activities you could do besides running. I've done the taebo dvd by Billy Banks and its a great workout. The end is a little challenging but you sweat bullets.

    YOu know I've just started jogging and am sidelined by an old injury (knee replacement surgery as a kid) and as a result I've pulled a muscle in my inner thigh. Urgh.. I so love jogging.

    Good job on the water aerobics

  4. Wow Angie - what a rough sounding wreck! I am just happy to read that you aren't letting that stop your life.

  5. What a horrible wreck. It is amazing you're walking--I'm sure you will find something to take the place of running. Great job.

  6. It's great that water aerobics is an option for you. That is a great workout without the risk of injury. You have a great attitude.


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