Friday, January 29, 2010

Perfect 10 update #4

1. Continue loosing minimum 5lbs. per month - down 8lbs for Jan!
2. To be a better blogger - post at least 3x's a week - working hard on this one, still struggling
3. Measure inches once a month - DONE
4. Do weights 3 days a week - DONE
5. Continue Daily Food Journal - DONE
6. Start scuba diving again - told my husband I would go for sure this spring!
7. Run at least 3 - 5K's in 2010 - on hold due to injury
8. Go to an amusement park with my family - and RIDE the rides!
9. Go to a water park with my family - and WEAR a swimsuit (no t-shirts on top)
10. Complete the entire 9week "Couch to 5K" program - on hold due to injury

I'm a little {Ok a LOT} bummed that I can't run right now. It honestly may not be in the cards for my in the future either due to all the old injuries I have from a car wreck in 1996. I may replace #7 & #10 with something so I can continue to grow as I hate having to fail these goals week after week. I did try jogging yesterday on the treadmill - but strong pain started right away. It's a disappointment after all my hard work in this area but I will find something else to love as much I'm sure.


I love Hello Kitty! I collect anything HK I can find and proudly display it all {probably much to my poor hubby's embarrassment} in a curio in my bedroom!


  1. Have you thought about running in the water???? Deep water running is really REALLY good for you and a lot of athletes use it for rehab.

  2. I don't think it would be a bad idea to change the running goals. I know your disappointed, but you have to be kind to your body and mind. If your injured, reevaluate and see if there is something else you can get on board with. Sorry about your injury :(

    I laughed about the Hello Kitty thing. I can relate. My mom bought me a Stawberry Shortcake (that really smells) Christmas ornament. I was so excited!! She was the bomb!

  3. I am entirely supportive of you swapping out the running goals. If it is something you cannot do right now, it only makes sense. I am glad you aren't losing your focus while injured.

  4. Do you have access to a pool? Elite runners rehab from injuries by water jogging. There are actually special belts that you wear to keep yourself floating. It's excellent exercise and if you really want to run, a way to get around your injuries for now.


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