Friday, December 4, 2009

Fast week - HOT 100 Update

It's been a good week but went by really fast!
Did good on eating ...good on workouts too
I try to mix-up my workout quite a bit to keep my body guessing and me from being bored.

M: 2 water aerobic classes (100minutes)
T: gym - 30mins. cardio, 1 hr. weights (90 minutes)
W: 2 water aerobics classes (100minutes)
Th: gym - 3omins. cardio, 1hr. weights (90 minutes)
F: 1 water aerobic class, 1 mile running at trail (80 minutes)

I guess because we're coming off a holiday week this one flew by for me.
Tonight we are heading out to a local event, "Holly Days"...should be fun, but hoping not to freeze either!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Hot 100 UPDATE

1. lose 5lbs a month - 1lbs so far for DEC.
2. do weights 2x's a week - DONE
3. No crackers/bread for snacks - I've been good this week!

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