Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Regret is the name of the game right now!!!

Last night after the awesome shopping I decided to take my girls to our local pizza spot. I ate a salad as always & a couple pieces of pizza, minus the top crust. We go there once in awhile as a treat - the whole family loves it. I always stay well in control on my portions and picks.

Well, I've been really focusing on Clean Eating - obviously pizza from a restaurant is not part of that concept, but I'm not super rigid & thought this would be kinda my treat meal for the week (as I have NO intentions of blowing thanksgiving).

This morning I am in full REGRET mode of that pizza choice. I feel HORRIBLE. My stomach is killing me to the point I wondered if I had food poisoning...but since the kids are fine, I think it was just too far of a stretch from my clean eating unprocessed, un-greasy food routine.

I may never eat pizza again! {or eggrolls} as the same thing happened after I ate one tiny one of them last week...LOL!


  1. How long how you been clean eating? I haven't heard this term before you. I have been clean eating for weeks now without realizing it.

    I'll take this as a warning to stay away from pizza. LOL

  2. That has happened to me before too. Your belly just isn't diggin the grease at all.

    I get heartburn from eggrolls so I have learned to avoid them.


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