Monday, November 23, 2009

That's my size!

Tonight while at the mall with my girls I went into a clothing store to see if I could find anything to wear to Thanksgiving. I came across a fabulous sale and got 4 new shirts for a mere $53.00 (including the tax).

The BEST part of the entire event was I bought them in the right size!

I have been overweight MOST of my life. With the exception of my childhood until about age 10, and in high school from 16 - 21 or so. As a child, money was always tight and we mainly shopped from the clearance racks. My mom meant well, but I wore clothing too small for the majority of my adolescent years until I began working and buying my own stuff around age 15.

I HATE tight clothing. I rarely even wear a jacket in the winter, because I feel they are "tight". As an adult I have ALWAYS purchase my clothing too big, even during the years when I wasn't overweight. Recently my dad gave me some money to buy cloths since loosing so much weight, I still bought too big. Several people have kindly approached me about this even. Nicely mentioning that they don't think I've absorbed the amount of weight I have lost. I even had to reorder a swimsuit recently 3 times...and I am still wearing one that is too large..LOL. My aerobics instructor/friend has mentioned it too. Well she was right...I tried on the size she told me to wear...I came out to be inspected by my children and they said I looked great.

It is something I will have to get adjusted too...but after being told by so many caring people in my life and the mention that wearing over sized clothes make me look bigger...I am going to force myself to wear the correct sizes from now on! I still can't really wrap my mind around the idea that I'm in "that size"...but I look in the mirror and it fits, so I guess they are all telling me the truth - haha!


  1. Yes, wearing bigger clothes will always make you look bigger than you actually are! Wearing clothes that fit correctly will really help your self esteem! It just takes some time to get used to :)

  2. Whoohooo, new clothes! I'm still struggling with the size thing. I keep picking up 14s (which at the beginning of this year was my GOAL size, down from a 26), and then scratching my head as to why they fall off. I tried on 10s in four different brands before finally being convinced it wasn't a mistake. Thats actually the size I am now. Wow.

  3. I have done this same thing. The looser the better. I had to laugh inside the other day at the doctor's office for my physical - she told me to go get a new shirt, mine was too big. :-)


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