Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh the numbers!

Last week I gave blood...actually platelets. I do this routinely because at age 21 I was in a car wreck and received 8 units from anonymous donors and I have made a promise to myself to always pay that forward.
I hadn't given blood since my journey to better health began and I certainly was interested to see what my cholesterol was. So at the appointment my blood pressure was 102/69, pulse 63 and hemoglobin (iron count) 14.4 - an awesome number. I was so expecting my cholesterol to be much improved. To my disappointment I found out it was 214. Now that's a VAST improvement from my one time high of 274, but my previous reading was 258...I was just expecting it to be so much better since I haven't eaten anything fried in over 6 months, I eat mostly non-processed foods and workout almost daily.
I'm hoping it will improve with time, but I think I will make a visit to my doctor just to consult her opinion. Seems like I'd see a lower number with a 70lb loss and improved diet.


  1. That's great that it is lower!! Isn't it wonderful when our numbers go down? Keep up the great work!

  2. Your numbers are going in the right direction. Keep it up!

  3. If you're eating the healthiest you can and including exercise, your numbers may be the best you can do. Good idea to get doctor's opinion.


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