Saturday, November 28, 2009

No problem!

Wow...I never expected to being sharing with you that I ended Thanksgiving day with points left over!!! I knew I had planned to be well in control on my eating, but even I never anticipated having a calorie surplus.

I began my morning with a run/walk at 8am in 45degree was such a personal accomplishment. I've never exercised on any holiday before. Next year I plan to be running in the local turkey trot.

I had a good breakfast, prepared the hubby and kids and went to the inlaws. We had a splendid time..better than I can ever remember. It was nice that my mom-n-law actually acknowledged my weight loss too. I am not motivated my recognition but I hadn't seen her in 6months so it was encouraging for her to say something, she is not really the kind to say much.

my kids: Ivy 11, Katie 15, Jared 20

Friday - I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time EVER. Never before could I have probably navigated the crowds - I am sure I would have NEVER been able to stand in the lines either. It was an awesome experience - beside what I was able to get on sale - just that I could go, participate, feel again like part of the human race!

Saturday - I slept in till almost 10. I am typically up like clockwork at 6:20. I ate breakfast, got the family situated and off to my run/walk. I completed Day three of "Couch to 5K". Week one is under my belt...complete....I can hardly believe it! I look forward to my first goal of Running in the Cowtown 5K February 26th...hopefully with my husband and maybe some friends.

We put up the outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. Then off for a family bike ride. We had a nice afternoon and evening. We ate homemade pizza, watched a movie and spent a nice evening with the girls. I look forward to Monday and a new week, new month, new challenges and new accomplishments.

I will update my HOT 100 tomorrow!


  1. What a victory! To end up with points left over is nothing short of awesome! Great work Angie!

    Nice pic of you and the kids too!

  2. I'm so excited for you. It feels great to make it through a holiday intact.


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