Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Month...New Goals

Last night I went to my daughter's high school football game...I was shocked that 3 people I have known for years didn't recognize me at first glance...LOL! What a compliment it was. It was also humorous by the 3rd time it happened...watching their face, the "oh wow, that's you"..."oh my, you look awesome!"

I've decided to stick with my current workout schedule of water aerobics 3 days a week (2 class each day - 2hours) and using the off days to do weights at my local gym. I just can't wrap my head around joining 24hr fitness. Maybe I'll bite off that challenge for 2010...I just like my routine and it's working so far!

Yesterday was good...been kinda in a "snacky mood" for a couple days, but even so - stayed in my point range for the day and attended a public event with no trips to the concession stands!

B: English muffin, morning star sausage, coffee (x2)
L: pita, feta, slice turkey, veggie chips
Snack- rice chips
D: pita, chicken salad, veggie chips
Snack- coffee


  1. How exciting for you that you got those "second" looks! :D That is awesome and you are doing terrific!

  2. What a great combination...a highschool football game and compliments about how good you look.:)


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