Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hot 100 - update & PAIN


1. lose 5lbs per month - lost 1lb so far for October
2. do weights at least 2 times per week - oh my, the pain - yes I went
3. no breads for snacks - no problem so far!

So this weight lifting thing is KILLING ME. Literally...I though I might be dying (or having a stroke) after working out Thursday. My arms totally felt like noodles and I struggled to drive to pick my kids up from school. My husband said "oh, no worry...that's totally normal and tomorrow they will probably be a little sore".

OK...that was the UNDERSTATEMENT of the CENTURY! My arms hurt so freaking much I can barley brush my teeth. I've had surgery before and been in less pain. This is horrible and nothing helps. I thought Friday was bad and Saturday would be better...HELL NO. It's worse!!

I could barley sleep, get dressed or any other routine activity. I've tried ibuprofen, icy hot, heat, cold...nothing give me any relief. The best part of this weight workout thing is my arms hurt too much to feed myself...LOL. God, I am praying for some relief tomorrow....please, please, please! My husband said I just need to go back and do some more or I'll never get used to it...WTH?

I think I might prefer to get used to getting my teeth pulled with no Novocaine before I'll get used to not being able to lift my arms!

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