Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK day

(this was typed yesterday - but blogger wouldn't let me post for some odd reason)
It was a good day...Kids were home today for MLK holiday.
We just had pj day mostly...the weekend was kinda busy shopping.

I did cook a favorite healthy meal - Tilapia with blackened seasoning, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts. (which my youngest calls "Russel Sprouts")

This particular recipe for Brussels Sprout is our FAVORITE. I got it from the Jan issue of Clean Eating. (Brussels Sprouts with spicy almond glaze)
Monday Workout:
1 water aerobic class (50mins)


  1. Yum, brussel sprouts are my absolute favorite veggie!

  2. I'm making Tilapia tonight :)

  3. OK I hate brussel sprouts!

    BUT I SO WANNA learn to cook from you. Your food pics are great and remind me of things I haven't made or eaten in awhile.

  4. Tilapia is my current favorite fish. One, because it isn't on the seafood watch list. Second, because it cooks up easy & tastes so great. Roasted brussel sprouts rock!


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