Thursday, December 17, 2009

sorry for such an absence!

Life is just crazy - crazy good!

I've been doing well...alot of the same -o- stuff. Water aerobics, weights, StairMaster...eating has been good. Kids are finishing up their last week of school before the holiday break.

Last weekend we went to lunch with my parents. My dad hadn't seen me in about 5-6 weeks. When he walked into the restaurant foyer...he thought I was my 15yr old daughter Katie!!!
It was hilarious!

I attended my scrapbooking groups Christmas party Tuesday night. It was our holiday party and the final weigh in for our Biggest Loser competition. I WON!! I lost 10% of my weight since we began this second round in September. I was proud to win, the next competitor was at 8%....but inside I did feel a bit guilty to win both rounds, but I worked hard to lose every pound, and my motivation was not the competition, that was just a lil bonus!

This weekend my husband and I will attend his annual Christmas party for work. He works for UPS and they are it's a Teamster Christmas party. Should be fun...always has been. I look froward to seeing a few shocked faces who haven't seen me in a year.(78 pounds ago!)

My biggest news is an upcoming race I'm participating in. The local Jingle Bell run. I can't wait. This will be my first race (actually fun run 1K) since I began running a few weeks back before Thanksgiving. I can't wait!


  1. Non-scale victories of the jaw-dropping nature are the best kind! :-)

  2. What a great compliment!

    Good luck on your race!

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to say hello. Also, good luck on your race!


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