Monday, December 21, 2009

Can you believe it? - hot 100 update

Christmas is only 4 days away! Where has the time went?

We had a great weekend. The hubby and I attended his annual Teamster Christmas party. It is always a good time. So many drunk people in one location to watch as they make fools of themselves...LOL! Every year they do photos at the party. Last year we didn't do it because we arrived a bit late and the line was so long, but a friend did take a photo of us.
So I'm posting both last years photo and this years...
Quite amazing difference (if i do say so myself).

1. lose 5lbs. per month - lost 6 lbs. for Dec so far
2. workout with weights 2x's per week - DONE! love should see the muscles I have now
3. no bread/crackers for snacks - DONE! finally conquered this problem


  1. What a lovely picture. I'm so glad to hear you keeping with your goals. That's fantastic.

  2. You are doing awesome on your goals. It looks like total success to me! Oh, and I can tell a big difference in the pictures.


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