Thursday, November 19, 2009

praying for a blessing - hot 100 update

Had an awesome workout this morning. 30 mins on the stairmaster and 1hour of weights - I've never left the gym with my shirt soaked before and it felt great. I workout alone - yes there are people to my left and right in the room, but it would be so nice to have a buddy to workout with. I don't mind being alone at all...but I often find myself thinking it would be nice to have someone to share interests with. While my family has changed their eating quite a bit, I often feel like I'm on this journey alone. Not that I', the only one doing I don't often feel like I missing out on the junk food I no longer eat, but I feel like no one understands me anymore. I'm still the same person, just making different choices, and that leaves me with not much in common with so many of my "friends" and family now.

This year for the 1st time in my adult life - I am not going to spend thanksgiving with "my family" we are instead going to my husband's family for the big meal. I felt like it was time to be a bit more open minded and less selfish and try to get to know them all better and spend some time with them at holidays too. It was decided several months ago, but as the feast is only a week away I think this will be such a good thing for me personally. My parents support my weight loss efforts but don't really "get it". They are the WORST sabotagers - totally unintentional but just really want you to eat it all. Even after 7 months of changes - I know inside that I'm one holiday binge away from blowing it all...I don't want to move backwards, I must progress forward.

1. lose 5lbs per month - still at 2lbs, hoping for a good loss this week!
2. workout with weights 2x's a week - DONE
3. no bread for snacks - I've been bad on this...I should have never bought saltine crackers in the house as I rationalize 5 crackers for 50calories as "not too bad"...NO MORE CRACKERS!


  1. This is a great post. It takes brutal honesty to admit ones flaws and tremendous strength not to be overwhelmed by them. Overweight, unfit people who transform into fit people of healthy weight have overcome far more than anyone else could ever imagine.

    In a sense, our journey does set us apart, but I think in the long run, this is a good thing. We find out who we are and what we're made of, we develop HUGE reserves of strength and learn to call upon that at will. Some people will never learn to do that. We do.

    I understand about the feeling alone..... that's why I love this blogging community, we "get" each other, we understand each other's sacrifices and hard work. Thank you for being here, you and your blog are awesome!

  2. Wow! Congrats on that awesome workout! You are doing great! :)

  3. I agree with Amazon Runner - this is a great post. Isn't it funny how those closest to us can so easily sabotage our efforts? I have a similar issue I have to periodically deal with.

  4. I try not to eat any breads with snacks either.
    I try not to eat breads more then once a day. If I had bread at lunch that means none at dinner.

    Carbs are my weakness so I have to maintain tight control with them.

    We always have Thanksgiving with my family , hubby's is too far away. My mom is great about keeping the meal low in calories. But she doesn't understand that the things she says are more damaging then then the food I eat.

  5. I understand about "doing this alone", hubby can be so supportive sometimes and others...he just doesnt get it.

    Good luck with the Thanksgiving dinner, I'll be away from my family this year too.


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