Wednesday, September 23, 2009

time flies....

Hard to believe this month only has one week left! My group of friends and I started our 2nd round of Biggest Loser Sept 1 and I weighed in yesterday for a 3 week lose of 5lbs. I'm happy with that...I'd like it to be more, but I've lost 56lbs I expected it to slow down a bit.

They had a bit of a surprise party for me yesterday at our weekly get-together for scrapbooking. They were all so thoughtful - cupcake (1point WW friendly ones), gifts and a lil bit of sabotage in the form of a red velvet cake and carmel ice cream!!! OK...what was she thinking. I did have a tiny piece of the cake, I didn't want to hurt her hindsight, maybe I should have just stood firm in what I'm doing here...but I only at a lil tiny 2-3 bites.
Off to spend my birthday morning doing 2 hours of water aerobics
...who think this would be me at 35!

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