Sunday, September 20, 2009

change is hard

I've been working out at the local natatorium for 5 month doing water aerobics. I love it. The teacher is awesome, it's close to home, it all non-threatening "older" people. ...BUT the ugly truth is I need something more challenging now. I don't want to leave my comfy workouts. My typical daily routine, the pool where everybody knows my name...BUT I NEED TOO. I need to join the local 24hr fitness, but it's BIG, and scary, and I don't know anyone there. Change is so hard...It took me years to go to water aerobics to begin with...hopefully I can get over this fear and move to the next step soon!

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  1. I have a tough time with change too. I used to go to 24hr fitness. Its pretty good. Now I go to LVAC which I think is better but only here in Vegas.


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