Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekends are hard...

Most people look forward to weekends with great anticipation, NOT ME! I do water aerobics during the week and there are no classes on the weekend. I often mope over this fact!

When I was 21 I was in a VERY bad car wreck. I suffered alot of injuries but the worst was that my legs were broken, each in multiple places. My orthopedic surgeon prepared me that I might not even walk again...but I wasn't settling for that. It look about a 6 month to be weight bearing, and about another 6 months to be walking "cane-free", but I did it.

The reason I mention this is because I am REALLY limited on the exercise I can do. My doctors have told me for YEARS (14 now) to try water aerobics. I just could never wrap my mind around the idea, even when I was thinner. Me? Go somewhere outside my home & friends in a swimsuit? Each and every time they would mention this idea I'd say "ok, I'll check it out" and in my mind say "WHATEVER!".

Imagine how shocked I was to finally try it out after all this time and FALL IN LOVE! I have never been a workout fan, but I truly wake-up each day excited to go to this awesome class. I started going in May...I have went religiously and my body now craves it. I can tell such a HUGE difference in how my legs/feet/ankles feel from it and kick myself often from not venturing out of my comfort zone sooner. I guess 14 years later is better than never, huh?

I encourage you to leave your comfort zone too...what's the worst that could happen? You just might find something you love and changes your life too!


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