Friday, September 25, 2009

2 pounds

That is the amount that stands between me and a 60lb loss right now! I weighed in this morning and I've lost a total of 58 lbs now. I'm totally happy with that, but always strive to push myself as much as possible.

I'm an all or nothing gal. I don't tend to half ass much of anything (maybe cleaning). I read all these other blogs about people getting "on and off program"...I just don't get it. I'm not saying I'm stronger than them or better in anyway...just don't understand why in a moment of weakness people tend to just throw up their hands and say oh...well, I cheated for a day, or a few days. Why in the hell would you want to work so hard and in a moment throw it out the window?

I do allow myself to use my flex points for a splurge (usually once a week). I do occasionally go over my points (maybe like 1-3 points) but I'd never just wake up and go "I'm having a crappy day, I think I'll eat a carton of ice cream". To each their own but I'm sure tired of reading about it....because routinely they post a few days later about how their at a plateau!!!


  1. I certainly think we all face different struggles, but to cheat and call it a plateau is nothing short of fooling oneself. Of course, I tend to prefer your method, and just stick to it. That is where success is.

  2. Ang,
    i have to agree!! You are in it for the long haul or you are not in it aat all...people do have their own struggles but they have to be honest with them to get past them and to change it...
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog by the way...for my sissy, she is better and may get out of the hospital in a few days...she isnt out of the woods but she is better...thank you!!

  3. Consistency gives major rewards. I'm proof of that, and so are you!!
    Lovely blog by the way!!

    You'll hit 60 pounds lost before you know it!! Congratulations on your success!!!

    Very inspiring my friend


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